Yes we really live in Montana, blessed to be surrounded by majestic mountains and clear waters.  We're not a company...far from it...we're real people, doing real things, and we Really do love all kinds of animals. The cover photo is our daily view of the Swan River, taken from the back deck.  It's what your fabrics "see, hear, and smell" while we're making goodies for You...

There really is no place like Home.

Cowboy Curt showing off a ranching bandana

Your pet's collar slips thru the opening at the top and becomes part of their collar.

We LOVE making our Bandana-Grams! Just pick the size, we'll do the rest.

Gettin' supplies...

We've donated 1,092 masks during the pandemic until PPE needs were met. We sold them in the shoppe after that.

Miss Emmy took us International! She lives in Bavaria Germany and is a world class traveller! She's a size Large, but don't tell her...

Sweet Kitty Lurch, modeling an XS

Stunning Miss Maizie aka "Princess Moo" is an XL

Headed for the snack table after a local 5K =) =)

I'll take some "Wednesday" every-day thank you very much! She's an Aussie Pup wearing XSmall

Miss Rosie was quite the supermodel with her bandana and matching tutu for her Halloween photo shoot. Diva Girl, Pit Bull Mix, size XL

Handsome Barkley, size Large

This is a cute kitty-blanket we made with daisies on the back, and THE softest Cuddle Brand minky cloth for the binding. We like to buy minky pieces from the Autism Community Store in Denver. They're pieces from the softest sensory blankets and just the right size for us!

We get a bikeride, run, or walk in everyday. The best medicine =)

Curt with his amazing Service girl BabyBlue. Cavachon and tiny genius, wearing size Small

Sweet Yuzu the Cavalier, wearing a size Small.

Miss Brianna, the Organizer =) She's lucky to have a direct connection to some other mountains...the Ozarks of Arkansas. She and her Mom Kathy play a vital role in the prepwork of some of our items listed in the shop. It's so fun when we all get together! She likes to organize her fabrics, and meticulously peel the paper off of paper-pieced sewing projects.

Miss Daisy was our very FIRST Etsy customer! Forever #1. She's a Great Dane and this is a size Large

The Shipping Dept.

Many customers have said their cat would never wear something, but discovered these don't bother them because there aren't any ends or ties sticking out to play with, or pull on. Size XS for standard cats

We work from home, looking out over the Swan River.

Mr Colton at work. You might notice the strip of colored tape on the sewing machine base...its the visual he uses to help sew straight lines.

MountainMan chores...they like working outside, even when it's the heavy stuff

Abby, Lizzy, and Axel...the three amigos, XL, XL, Large

Charlie is a retriever puppy, size Medium

Miss Jubilee was a stunner at her Dia de los Muertos event. She's a mixed breed (from Mexico!) wearing size Large

Re-purposing fabric for scrap projects. We believe that de-constructing and reusing where we can is very important. We try to have the least amount of waste in everything. Example...when cutting fabric, we position our cuts to have the maximum amount of usage. The remaining small scraps are then separated and filed by color, to be used in scrap quilts, donation projects, or fabric ties to secure items.

A regal one-of-a-kind blanket (with hidden cloak clasps) made for a special young man at the hospital. His beloved Angels are on the front, with royal purple Cuddle Brand minky on the back. It jazzed up his boring hospital bed when he wasn't wearing it down the halls.

Rico, a suave Dachshund wearing S

Huckleberry is a very tall Lab, size XL

Company Photo =) With Grandad at the wheel of post office runs

One of Colton's favorite!

Mr Colton with his then Service-Dog-In-Training, Pink at the Special Olympic State Games. He got the gold medal in Unified Team Bocce =) Cavachon pup wearing XS

Customer Relations at the animal shelter, pre-covid

Curt is an eager window washer. There is no unimportant job!

Colton was chosen to carry the "Flame of Hope" during Opening Ceremonies at the Special Olympic games

Love these hands

We are so Blessed to live here ~~Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park

The MountainMen hiking at Glacier National Park with their "MountainMomma" Holly, lead seamstress

Hiking with Aunt Kathy, our other seamstress leader

The MountainMen as MountainBoys =) =)

The Proud MountainMen at their High School Graduation...June 1, 2019. A lifetime of thanks to their Lifeskills Teachers, Aides, Speech & OT, Coaches, Volunteers, and Friends for helping build the skills for success you see today!

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