March 16, 2020...Normally our shipping is Same-Day, but "normal" has changed for us all a bit right now.  We're still working in the homeshop, more so than ever, but are changing our shipping/processing to 3-5 days.  This will minimize our daily trips to the post office.  We'll continue to finalize your orders daily for shipping as usual, storing them sealed in our secure shipping pouch, then hand-deliver them to our small post office safely in a batch during early morning hours when there are minimal patrons.  As the crisis subsides, we will get back to every-day-postal-trips...becauase we love going!  We care deeply about the safety of your pkgs, your pets & your families as well.    

Airhugs, elbow touches, booty bumps & toe-taps...from The MountainMen =)



1.  Our household of 3 is practicing constant handwashing & disinfecting!  Multiple times daily.  Multiple, Multiple, Multiple.

2.  We are healthy and not exposing ourselves to unnecessary public outings...our daily short post office runs are the only constant.

3.  We haven't purchased any fabric, thread, or shipping supplies since February 15, 2020...and will not until current health concerns subside.  Our fabrics have been in stock on the same shelving units in our homeshop as ever before.  Purchased from USA retailers.

4.  We've curtailed the amount of pkgs coming into our home, and practiced #1 above, as soon as they've been handled.  All boxes, shipping, material, and garbage is disposed of immediately (which we're accustomed to from living in bear country).  Then #1 is practiced again. 

5.  We enclose your bandana packet fully in tape for its' sealed shipping journey.

6.  Neither of our 2 small Service Dogs are ill.  And being Service Dogs...they are are always up to date on their vaccines & bordatella.

7.  We continue to practice caution with All our safety in mind...Yours and Ours!


Special Olympians at Work...All profits go to them 100%  

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