I believe we've found our groove selling these fun bandanas online =)  The boys love the whole processing & shipping process, and it keeps us busy but not overwhelmed...a very good balance.  Curt continues to amaze with his letter writing skills, and Colton (ever-the-right-hand-man) continues to anticipate what comes next in the chain of events.  You don't acquire a nickname like "the Butler" for nothin.  He's ON it.

We celebrated "Night To Shine" special needs prom in February, along with their 19th Birthday!  And they continue skiing practice for the Winter Olympics in March.  Life is Good...

Curt practicing on the Special Olympic slalom course

MountainMomma Holly keepin Blue where she can see her boy on the slopes

Colton ready to hit the slopes with his guide

One of the birthday boys, with his girl

The MountainMen, also the BirthdayBoys, at the soda shoppe on their big day

Colton with his sweet service dog Pink at Night to Shine

Curt at Night to Shine with his little fur-date.  She got a lot of smiles =)

Curt practicing selfies

Cutting out felt hearts to put on our one-of-a-kind Autism Pet-Bandanas